Scenario #4:
What steps do you take to ensure that the technology is an asset to your class? What are the procedures that you’ll take for check out the machines? What is the quickest way to get the computers back in the cart? What about making sure that they all arrive back safely? Who is responsible to make sure that all the computers are plugged in and charging?

With a small label, number each computer and assign a number to each student. Explain that this computer will be assigned to them and they are responsible for taking care of it. This empowers the students to take ownership. You will find that they will report any problems with their laptops to ensure care. By keeping record of which computer is assigned to each student, the teacher is able to monitor the equipment’s condition.

Some teachers have found that the quickest way to distribute and collect the laptops is by calling out the students’ assigned numbers. It the teacher wishes, they may stand by the cart to ensure that each student either collects or puts away their computer. Assigning a student to facilitate this process has also proven to be effective.

Steps to take to ensure safety of materials:

  • purposeful use with explicit learning objective
  • model and practice classroom management procedures re: treatment of laptops including carrying, storage, and return
  • model and practice expectations and procedures for saving work and shutting down laptops prior to return to cart
  • model and practice expectations and procedures that computers are plugged in and charging