Scenario #3
After your first writing assignment that requires internet research, you believe that a number of students have cut and paste text from web sites and passed the work off as their own. How do you confirm that the text is not the students’ original writing? What discipline steps do you take. How do avoid this situation in the future?

One suggestion a teacher gave was to scaffold the entire research process which allows you to set clear expectations from the very beginning. Model what proper summarizing and quoting looks like. Explain what a good research paper consists of by sharing quality exemplars. Discuss what reliable sources consist of and how to site them. Finally, discuss your school’s policy and consequences regarding plagiarism.

After a discussion of what plagiarism is have a very specific contract for the students and the parents to sign.

There are a number of websites that you can enter the students work to check for plagiarism. is an example, however, you will have to pay. We believe may be free. There are a number of these sites. You could also type the suspected information into a search engine and see what comes back.

Consequences for this could be to have the student rewrite the information that was plagiarized at least two different ways.