Scenario #1:
Students are to be peer editing on a draft in preparation for writer’s conferences. Instead, they are gathering in the corner and snickering around one student’s laptop. You ask them to stop, but within minutes they are huddled around the student’s laptop and laughing aloud, disrupting the entire class. How do you handle it?

Investigate what the students are actually laughing about. If appropriate, have student share good writing with class and also ask them to keep the disruption down. Explain that in the future if the writing is very entertaining ask to share it with others. If Inappropriate, talk about why it is inappropriate, have group disperse and possibly have consequence.

Setting clear classroom expectations regarding behavior and movement within your classroom is essential. Having multiple discussions and modeling appropriate computer behavior is the easiest path to take to increase student engagement. If students clearly understand rules, expectations and consequences, student behavior and achievement should improve.