The Book:

Initial Bootup:

  • Accept license, choose keyboard layout, login: [School name], put in password [mascot], select auto login, choose time zone, click Finish.

  • Setup Wireless: Internet Tab, Wireless Networks, LPS-PODNET-1 strongest signal, enable wireless checked, connect.

  • Open Web, accept the AUP.

  • Configure Web: Internet Tab, launch Web, accept AUP if necessary, Edit-Preferences:

  • Privacy . Edit>Setting>Privacy

  • Check Remember visited pages for 2 days, uncheck forms/search and downloaded

  • Check always clear my private data when I close Firefox, uncheck ask me


  • Passwords – uncheck remember passwords for sites, then Close Attempt Software Update: Settings,

  • Add/Remove Software, let it check for updates, Settings and Updates tab for system updates, try installing important system updates. Also click Preferences, turn off check for updates automatically, automatically download. Check Only show the taskbar icon when attention is required.

  • Volume: Settings Tab, turn both Volume and Mic all the way up

  • StarOffice: Work Tab, launch Documents, accept license, etc, don’t register. Tools-Options, expand Load/Save, click General – change text to Word, spreadsheet to Excel, Presentation to PowerPoint 97/2000/XP.

How to Print:

  • Add Printer: Settings Tab, Printers, Add, Network Printer, Other, name (begin with alpha, no spaces), default connection (AppSocket/HP JetDirect), IP Address, Next, Printer Model Default Settings and click Next, click Finish, OK.

external image pdf.png eeePc_directions.pdf

How to Save to a Thumbdrive:

Powering Up the Writer’s Workshop---August 12th, 2009

Scenario #1:
Students are to be peer editing on a draft in preparation for writer’s conferences. Instead, they are gathering in the corner and snickering around one student’s laptop. You ask them to stop, but within minutes they are huddled around the student’s laptop and laughing aloud, disrupting the entire class. How do you handle it?

Scenario #2:
A handful of students approach you about taking the laptops home so that they can word process and research for a report you have assigned. What do you do?

Scenario #3
After your first writing assignment that requires internet research, you believe that a number of students have cut and paste text from web sites and passed the work off as their own. How do you confirm that the text is not the students’ original writing? What discipline steps do you take. How do you avoid this situation in the future?

Scenario #4:
What steps do you take to ensure that the technology is an asset to your class? What are the procedures that you’ll take for check out of the machines? What is the quickest way to get the computers back in the cart? What about making sure that they all arrive back safely? Who is responsible to make sure that all the computers are plugged in and charging?

Scenario #5:
You want to extend the writer’s wall to the 21st Century. You decide, and the students are excited about the idea, to use some online tools to publish students’ writing. However, as you begin to share the idea with the parents of your students, some concerns arise. What steps do you take to alleviate parent concerns and ensure safe online behavior for your students?