Model Lesson Challenge:
A student has posted the essay below as a draft for an expository writing assignment. You and your building team should discuss the following:
· How might peer review look in a synchronized environment?
· How might peer review look in an asynchronous environment?
· What roles would you assign students?
· What tools will you ask peer reviewers to use?
· And finally, evaluate this as a grade-level piece of writing.
Some ideas:
  • Insert a podcast with narrated feedback:
  • Use the discussion tab
  • Download, edit, and re-upload the original document

Showing good sportsmanship at a game is good because if you don't people will think that you just play to win and not just to have fun. You should show good sportsmanship no matter if you win or lose. I've seen games of many kinds and in all those games, I've seen good sportsmanship. If I ever play a game I would always show good sportsmanship, if the other team wins or loses.

The best sportsmanship that I can think of is to say "good game" or "congratulations." No matter if you lose and the team wins you should always congratulate the other team. If your team wins you should never say that the other team sucks, you should just say that they played well. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, what matter is that you enjoyed playing.

Sportsmanship is about being a good sport. Its also about committing to your team. Being a good sport is about not whining when you or someone else loses or taunting and or bragging that you won.

Sportsmanship is also about being committed to your team. Commitment to your team is when you show up for every practice or meeting, and also practice and become better every day.

Sportsmanship is also about good conduct. Conduct is when you work together. Sportsmanship is important and when playing sports cause it sets an example to everyone to be a good winner and to be a good loser.

Here is one example of good sportsmanship. Lets say you won and another person or team lost or vise-versa. You would congratulate the person or people no matter what.

I can't remember the time when I showed good sportsmanship. I really have no example of when I showed good sportsmanship. I'm only 11, but friends sometime get into fights because of name calling in sports. The team usually wins and if we win and congratulate the other team or person. They call us names cause they lost, they call us cheaters and other names. Then we all start fighting then a war begins. That's bad sportsmanship.